Welcome To Klub Supplies Pty Ltd

Welcome to Australia's leading Sourcing Supplier.

Klub Supplies is very much a service orientated Company, customer service is paramount, our aim is to supply good quality merchandise, suited for the needs of the purchaser,

Klubs was borne from Distribution, approximately 23 years ago, we have supplied major retailers, government and Educational Institutes over the years, and understand it’s not what we want to sell, it’s what our customers are asking for, and have always adapted to new trends and market conditions to obtain the best oferings for the current time.

Our Web site,
Our Web site is designed in as simple format as we think useable, we are all too busy to be browsing for items we need , hence if you can shop with the minimum of fuss, we will have achieved our aim,

Like all good companies, we all have room to improve, and your suggestion would be welcomed in how we can do things better, feel free to email your thoughts to admin@klubs.com.au

Our Product Range,
Our focus currently are the needs required for Day care & Kinder, our offering is of good quality products at reasonable pricing, most products are actually sourced from Australian suppliers, who understand the needs and requirements of the market, this range will grow in time, however we are very careful on items we may take on... the door is not open to anyone, we are very conscious of materials and quality of merchandise, all products are thoroughly tested to suit our customers potential needs, and the relevant legal requirements for within Australia

Product Sourcing
If it’s not listed on our web site, we may still be able to source the required item for you, we can take this pressure from you, feel free to email us at admin@klubs.com.au

Our Strengths:

• High level of personalised Service,
• Competitive pricing,
• Long standing strong relationships
• Efficient after-sales support
• Advance Evaluation of products in advance of supply
• Newsletter updates
• Specialised Sourcing
• We listen to our customers,

Like most companys, we are not perfect, and you are the customer, If you have any suggestions or concerns, on how we can improve our service, or product offering or even have a complaint , please feel free to email us at admin@klubs.com.au

Your Sincerely

Klub Supplies Team