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Permanent Fabric print, Inkodye® 237ml COPPER

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Permanent Fabric print, Inkodye® 237ml COPPER

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Coming soon…A new way to print photo’s on t-shirts and textiles, using sunlight, permanent results on cotton and natural fabrics, and no fading, Kits soon available, and will Include re-usable Transparency film (Prints on normal Inkjet printer) everything you need to get started, Magical photo-sensitive dyes that develop their colour with exposure to sunlight or UV.

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Something else you can do with these magic mobile phone pictures...

Inkodye is a NEW fantastic creative tool that allows you to print photographic images & patterns onto fabric with natural sunlight.  The prints are permanent and never fade! This means that Inkodye will bond with any natural fiber - like cotton, burlap, or wool.  You can make beautiful prints on fabrics at home - without the need for harsh chemicals, and clean-up is a cinch!

Inkodye can be thinned with water to extend its use while  still yielding bright shades. A dilution of 1:1 Inkodye Water will yield the same bright color results as using Inkodye straight out of the bottle, since the dye is so concentrated.

When you get into dilutions of 1:3 and 1:5, the result will be a more pale or pastel shade of the colour you are using.  Want to give it a Go.. unsure where to start, try using the starter kits, (Includes Inkjet printable negatives) only your imagination will let you down... 

Step by step printing Kits also available,

  • Photo Printing Kit (Graphic Tees)
  • Sunfold™ Printing Kit
  • Shadow Printing Kit

See the Lumi app on converting your images to negatives, Click Inkodye App

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Additional Information

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