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Jumbo Cushion, space saving storage Bags, 10 Pack

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Jumbo Cushion, space saving storage Bags, 10 Pack

Jumbo Cushion Inner Vacuum Storage bags, 80cm x 110cm, 10 Pack,

Suited for storage of Jumbo Cushion Inners (90cm x 90cm), saving up to 75% in storage space,

Priced at less than half retail price, works out at $5.00 each, Works with all standard vacume cleaner hoses.



These are ideal for storage of the large Jumbo Cushion Inners, (Indoor or Outdoor Cushions)

For the additional storage bag sizes, or more information, please email us


  • - Increase your storage space by up to 75%,
  • - Perfect for storing quilts, blankets, clothing, cushions, pillows, etc,
  • - Easy to use seal zip slider creates an airtight & waterproof seal,
  • - Works with all vacuum cleaner hoses,
  • - Storage bags are made from high quality materials specified for long term use,
  • - Anti-mildew and Waterproof


  • - Clothes should be clean and dry before being placed in the vacuum storage space saving bags,
  • - Avoid the use of storing feathered products,
  • - Do not store near heat or fire,
  • - Avoid contact vacume bag contact with needles, nails and other hard sharp objects,
  • - Do not place food, or any living items into Vacuum Space saving bags,
  • - When sealing the Vacuum bag with the zipper, slowly pull from one end of the vacuum bag to the other end,
  •   (Repeat 2 or 3 times to ensure a tight seal),

 Package includes:

10X Super Size Bags (80CM X 110CM) Brand New Vacuum Space Saving Storage Bags



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Additional Information

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